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Originally Posted by GaviCroftREmix View Post
As I said no not at the moment and porting it would hard because the PC and Xbox have different formats and different archetypes. they have to convert and no one has well except for Gh0stBlade but hes not working on that project atm because firstly he can't do it on his own if someone chooses too they can help so...yeah there u go.
Ok. Thanks for letting me know about that because I was thinking about this idea IN MY HEAD for like 11 & 12 years and I still hope there's a way how to make that to happen which will sound so thrilling!! It'll definitely sound so exciting to play as Lara's doppelganger in to this game on the PC!! I especially wish if we can do that for PCSX2 as well but I really doubt there's a way how we can make that to happen as well. That's why it's easier for Gh0stBlade to do it for PC since he know how to do those types of fun things in advance.
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