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I think I'm alone in appreciating Crystal dipping in to the norse mythology. Truly. They did the norse stuff before it became mainstream with Marvels Thor and God of War 2018. The whole cultures built on top of another deep long lost culture/civilisation was really interesting and new to me. The explanations in the diary entries are brilliant too. Ragnarök being a culmination of natural disasters and not an mythological serpent. Or the Naga being reptiles which created the "snake people" inspiration.
She got Excalibur. She learned the truth about King Arthur and the round table. I'm glad they wove another myth and artefact for Lara to explore but still even at the end showed the Dias and Excalibur linking these cultures and myths together. I'm not sure i'd have wanted to see some fantastical land called Avalon. I think the darker turn these truths revealed was better.
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