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Originally Posted by HeinzFritz View Post
Sounds interesting. Does this also work in TRLE? If yes, in which TR3 level can the swinging pot be found? And into which slot can it be inserted into the TR4 WAD?
In TR3 this method is hardcoded.

This trap can be found in Lost City of Tinnos and Reunion (TR3 Gold)
I think it can be insert into Moving Blade slot it should work pretty well.

I suppose it should work in TRLE but you need to create a script for it.

However I will not help you with this you need to ask if there is possbility to make it work on Next Generation Level Editor section. I'm not really famillar with TR4/TRNG engine, I know some basic scripting but not complex setups for traps, objects and etc.

I'm sorry, I am more famillar with classic engines.
I hope people from NGLE will help you.
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