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Default New character instead?

I've enjoyed everything they've done with the series since 2013 but the main thing I don't like is the way they are selling it as a 'reboot' AND an origin story.

The whole hook of an origin story is that eventually you will be able to lead it into something you're already familiar with. But if Lara's entire life has been pushed forward in time like 20 years and everything about her and her family is totally different what's it the origin of? They're literally making it up as they's not going anywhere. And for me it's leaving a big void where there should be satisfying connections to something...anything.

I'd have much preferred it if they introduced a new character and build them into a "Tomb Raider" through all the violent ordeals.
What if they based a new character around the original idea of Laura Cruz? Given her a new name and a unique look. Built that "nothing to lose" determination around a dark past or rough upbringing?
Because for me at this point, it may as well be a new character and it feels like the only reason her name is Lara Croft is because Tomb Raider' Croft in it?
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