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Default Run TR3 in 2021

Recently I found that TokyoSU tried to work on his own TR3Main project. Sadly, he seems to abandoned his work and deleted the repository, but there is last dll that survived. Also Woops made a patch based on Arsunt's 2017 exe with Sprint patched to act like in TR4+.

I managed to combine that exe with TokyoSU's dll to get this list of improvements:

• Aspect Ratio (widescreen looking) is proper and FMV lines fixed
• There is no more pixelated line at the bottor-right part of the screen on Title and into Inventory
• Music doesn't stops at the inventory and keeps playing with lower volume
• Fonts look and specular textures are fixed on modern systems

You can get this package here.

Due to TokyoSU's removal of his code I must add that you using that at your own risk. I don't know what else might be included.

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