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Originally Posted by ivaneiroX View Post
Is there a way to make the PC version successfully look like the PS1 version? i've been playing it on my vita and it's incredible how much better the PS1 version is.
For the lighting, you could use dgVoodoo. I find TR3 on PC to be really washed out, even with low gamma it's lacking contrast and color.
I haven't tried TR3 itself on PC with dgVoodoo yet, however I did with The Lost Artifact. I cranked up Brightness to 152%, Color to 108%, and Contrast to 102%, and got pretty nice results without anything being too dark or too intense (except the 2D images like the menu).

For some reason I cannot take a direct screenshot of the game, so I took a screenshot of a Youtube walkthrough and edited it to show how it looks on my end:
Original / Edited

It's not exactly PS1-like, but it's closer to it. I'd say it simply fixes the color issues the TR3 engine seems to have, cause now I find it similar to how it would look in the TR4/TRLE engine, which is way more intense and interesting. You can actually feel the sun hitting the walls now.
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