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Originally Posted by ATombRaiderFan View Post
It might depends which exe launcher you use. IIRC the Legend directory has a "test" exe launcher which was the only way I could get TexMod running so I dunno if you tried that already.

BTW Nice to meet you Steve! I thought AoD would be your last TR review video so now I'm looking forward to your next video
Nice to meet you too!

Interesting, no I've not tried that method yet so maybe I'll give it a go sometime!

A lot of people seem to think I was stopping after AOD too, but I'm doing them all up to Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Here's a bonus! I AI upscaled the intro video of Legend to 4K. You can find a link to download it here -

Just drop it into your install directory and replace the old one and it will work!

I'm slowly working through all of them to make them look better and will likely make a new thread when I've finished them all.

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