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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
I created my own silly synopsis, some of this based on official infos and rumours. It's quite a simplistic one.

Main Cast :

- Lara Croft
- Sam Nishimura
- Amanda Evert
- Jonah
- Zip
- Werner Von Croy
- Winston Smith

Lara Croft decides to get back to the University after her adventures. That way she has access to the prestigious library and work as a researcher in archeology / history. She will meet again old friends (Sam) and new ones (Amanda). She also gets affection from an old historian professor, Von Croy who believes and defends her about her previous amazing discoveries.
One day all of them decide to become a team and trip around the world for surprising and dangerous expeditions. Jonah and Zip will also join them as an essential assistance.

As for antagonists, chose your favourites.
Also in an episode Amanda will disappear in a weird accident and left for dead... Naturally.
What about Von Croy? Will he also disappear in a weird accident and be left for dead?
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