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Originally Posted by Ameliorator View Post
There are so many inconsistencies between old and next gen, the PC port was not handled well.
Indeed, I swear every time I open the game, I keep finding something new to complain about


BTW You might've noticed in the Bolivia starting area that the skybox is sometimes just a wall of blue, it doesn't look that bad but it's incorrect.

This issue happens when the Bolivia starting area is used on the main menu.

Fix workaround:

  1. When starting a new game, you'll automatically get a checkpoint so create a save file.
  2. Load the save file while in game, do not return to the main menu.
  3. Voila! Skybox looks correct.

What won't work: (if the Bolivia starting area is used on the main menu)
  • Using the 'Resume' option from the main menu to return to the checkpoint.
  • Loading the save file from the main menu.

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