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Originally Posted by ActuallyArlow View Post
You aren't alone with this take. Tons of players find it more demoralizing than rewarding. All the toxic players, lag, bullcrap point system ect.
I'm on PC, so the toxic player issue doesn't really affect me since nobody uses mics and messaging is also more complicated, because they have to add me first. Too much hassle. I think the rewarding system is also okay-ish, you get 2 to 3 times as many points for winning than for losing.

PC does however randomly desynchronise, I'd say once or even twice out of 5 matchups. Usually it happens very early into the match so it's just whatever, but when I'm close to victory, I want to throw my dualshock out the window. Matchmaking also seems to be unfair to me, last night I had a match that I felt I was gonna win, but it disconnected randomly. The next matchup was against a guy that had a 75% chance of winning and did just that.

I don't know, it's just.. I expected to peak eventually, but not THIS hard. It's like I hit a brick wall.

I hope the golden Jade skins from the next season aren't demi god tier, because I don't trust myself to reach that.

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