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Default Tomb Raider I on Steam - AutoFix problem

Hello. I'm trying to run TR1 on Steam - out of the box it plays fine apart from the gamma and missing sounds, so I've been trying and failing to get that Automated Fix patch to work.
Have followed the instructions for it exactly, but once it's installed it fails to launch the game (TR1 or UB) and I get an error pop-up:
'WARNING: 0:2: extension 'GL_EXT_gpu_shader4' is not supported ERROR: 0:65: 'textureSize2D' : no matching overloaded function found (using implicit conversion) ERROR: 0:65 '=' : cannot convert from 'const float' to '2-component vector of int'

I click OK to that then a second pop-up says 'Failed to start ATI CIF'

I've tried to verify the game files thru Steam, as I've seen some people suggest, but it still doesn't launch and I get a different pop-up with an error about 'invalid patch module'.
I can't count how many times I've done uninstalled and clean reinstalls... to no avail.

The majority of people seem to have been able to use the Auto Fix with no issues, and I can't find a single thing referencing the same issue I'm having! I'd guess it might be to do with Glide, as within that text file there's lines about the gpu_shader4 - but I don't have the knowledge to find a solution myself.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
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