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Thanks very much for your reply, I've had a look but it seems there is already an .ini file in the Patches folder which is named the same as the .exe Appreciate the help anywho.
I'm not totally sure what it does when it verifies the game files... It said there were 83 missing, which it 'resolved', but I don't know what files it's actually retrieving... Either way, it doesn't like it!

Soo I've screenshotted what happens in the common folder after 1) clean install, 2) auto fix applied, and 3) game files being verified. The AutoFix seems to remove/tidy up a lot of the files, and then during the verifying they get put back in again, which seems to cause some confusion in the mysterious processes.
I guess I just need to figure out why I'm getting that first error about shaders/textures/vectors...

Update: have tried removing the four files from the Shaders folder that AutoFix adds in
When I do that, same problem with it not launching, but the error message is different, then it complains that it can't find those files and 'DirectDraw cannot be started'.
Am wondering if it's something to do with them.

More investigating...
This is what my laptop has installed graphics-wise:
I'm now thinking it's maybe too out of date or something to understand the GLSL going on in those shader files the patch is using.
But what is it they're doing that isn't part of the original package from Steam?
And can they be worked around/edited so my old Intel chip can read them?
(Have tried updating the drivers for the chip... It's as up to date as it's gonna get).

If I move these files out of the Steam folders...
Then I no longer get the original pop-up about Warning 0:2 and Error 0:65!
But it still says 'Failed to start ATI CIF' :|
Getting the feeling this might end up involving editing .dll files or something and starting to think it ain't worth it

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