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I just found your thread.
According to the initial GLRAGE (base for TombATI) release notes, there can be problems when using integrated Intel HD Graphic adapters, since their drivers fail to implement the necessary OpenGL extensions correctly (There should be some mentions of this in the 'Tomb Raider' section of this forum.

If you have a laptop with switchable graphics, you could try to force the 'perfomance' adapter (AMD, Nvidia, etc.) for TombATI.

Other than that I think, until someone changes glrage to use a different OpenGL implementation, you might be out of luck (don't take my word for it though, I'm just repeating what I took away from previous conversations).

To answer your additional question: The Automated Fix installs the TombATI patch, that uses a native Windows executable and emulates a hardware interface released by ATI in the 1990ies.
The files you mentioned are shader files, helping the implementation render the game correctly. Afaik, TombATI cannot work without them.

If you can't get the Automated Fix to work, there should still be DosBox based versions around - some of them even with GLIDE support for nicer graphics.
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