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Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
No words needed for praising this underrated gem...
Gone, but never forgotten.

Happy 16th Anniversary Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness!!!
I especially very much do love on how the front box art looks like with all of this purple fire that's covered within!!

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
TRAOD was the last breath of the real Lara Croft.

She will live on forever in our hearts.
And YES!! She'll always absolutely be the 1 and only very authentic type of Lara Croft that she will be as it all was developed from this very nice authentic British gaming developer studio which is Core Design as it all happens to be my favorite #1 gaming developer studio for the Tomb Raider franchise as it all deserves to continue to develop the rest of the AOD trilogy from the very start of this periodic of time that we're currently in but sadly, unfortunately it didn't make it..
We all create destiny!!!!

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