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Been saying that right from the start, especially since Rhianna Pratchett started writing the comics. And Lara becomes an even more interesting character in the post-RotTR comics.

The funny thing is, while she does feel closer to Classic Lara, especially in sarcasm and wittiness, she still very much is reboot Lara. Especially in the darker and serious moments, it is clear reboot Lara in games and in the comics are indeed one and the same. Yet the wit and sarcasm still feels very much in character. Which for me is even more proof that, character wise, the problem classic fans have/had with Lara doesn't really come from her personality, but from the writers (and, because of that, Lara herself) only being able to fully show and explore her more serious and darker sides. In the comics they are allowed to explore her personality fully, and Lara becomes a much more interesting character for that.

Hopefully, with the new creative director and the merging of the timelines, the same can finally happen with in-game Lara as well.
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