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Default Sims Edition

Hello guys, today we have another request. This one doesn't just change lara, but all the characters and bosses.

this one comes from Alex Fly and it is Tomb Raider Sims edition!


- The sims iconic crystal floating over the head of: "Lara, Larson, Pierre, Natla, Mr. T, Skateboard Kid, Cowboy, T-rex , Torso Boss and Mutant Lara"

- Voices of Lara, Larson and Natla have been changed in the 3 in-game cutscenes to match the gibberish in the Sims


In the video below Natla's voice and Lara's are similar but they are not the same, it sounds better when lara is fighting larson, there the difference is more noticeable :P

This works on all tr1/uf/gym levels with no visual glitches

Hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to make more requests

Download Link - Sims Edition

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