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Oh, definitely. I'm kind of a weirdo as far as TR fans go, because rather than my preferences going Core>Legend Trilogy>Reboot or Reboot>Legend Trilogy> Core, I'm actually closer to Core>Reboot>Legend.

I can understand why the Legend Trilogy wanted to make things interconnected, but for me it feels a little forced. Having the villain of TR1 be the villain of TR:Underworld just seems...fanfic-y to me? It's all just tied together in such a neat bow that it feels artificial.

(I also have a problem with the fact that they made Larson more "human". Don't get me wrong, turning a goofy goon into someone more realistic is generally "good writing", but that whole scene where he's like "C'mon Lara, we're old friends, I know you're not just gonna shoot me in the face." and then Lara just...does made me pretty angry at her.

Which is...I'm pretty sure not the writer's intention.)
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