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It's great to see a long TR2 adventure in development and a very promising one! I like the new outfit and the font, not so sure about the inventory background but hey, it's your project !

I know how to make you start with nothing but the pistols (you can add the medipacks and the flares with the script if you like), just make the game start in a different level than the first one that was what happened in TR2Gold when you could select any level but only in the first one you appear with the initial items.

In the script where it sais "Play Level 1", put "Play Level 2", but you have to leave the first level blank in the levels description instead of deleting it (you won't be able to play it of course, and there is no need for the .tr2 file for that level). And in the scripts commands, script#2 and script#3 are for the first and second level, they both need to have the exact same scripts (mostly the background soundtrack and secrets reward, because if they are different, they'll change when you reload the level).
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