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Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
In terms of visuals the Dreamcast version is stunning! I think that the bump mapping in the PC version is just broken. It seems to work best in areas with fog or special lighting effects but doesn't show up otherwise.

I'm curious: Do you experience music and cutscene sounds starting too late or ending too early? Because that was a huge issue that I had when I played the PAL Dreamcast version on original hardware. It's pretty much the only thing in that version that is worse than in the PC version.
My thoughts are that developers were too much enthusiastic about the Dreamcast capabilities and so they added the dynamic shadow and the extra bump maps in nearly all textures. I replayed it on PC some years back and I remember seeing the effects only in certain objetcs and places like the carved stone head in Angkor Wat.

About the audio and cutscenes desync issue, as far I'd played -karnak- I have found none, there're some audio glitches but are emulation related, since WinCE emulations it's still new.

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