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Originally Posted by Mik9517 View Post
I didn't realise this had actually been something Core received some flak over. I know the Mummy was around the same time and it was the first film O could think of. I can see some similarities but probably was coincidental as they were being made around the same time I would've thought.

I did just mean the plot does have an action-adventure movie feel to it.
Yeah, it's really a bit silly honestly that they were sort of scolded over it considering they weren't even the same medium. I guess critics were going the angle of "uninspired", but both TR4 and The Mummy were both kind of the ones that set the precedent in mainstream media together about tombs being synonymous with Egypt in the first place. Since Core did all of their releases around November typically and their Tomb Raider games were completed in under a year, I guess between those several months it could've been surmised, to them at least, that Core had used certain similar concepts even though that obviously wasn't the case.
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