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Originally Posted by SpyrosMonster View Post
He would've been under an NDA if he was a beta tester. Rise's DLC also got leaked this way by someone else. It's not beta testing.

But you base this after your own assumptions. That's not really relevant.
Also, you can datamine console stuff.

Datamining is common, everyone knows that but I don't see why the sudden effort to undermine it (pun intended) comes into play here.
Gh0stblade was the first to gain access to them because EM didn't delete them before publicizing an update.. I don't see the harm in this?
I don't see the harm in it either.
I'm simply clarifying the leaks being from datamining vs leaks being from being a beta tester - if he was the later, we would not be leaking stuff for obvious reasons that you stated - NDA
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