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Smile Legend Modding Showcase: The Real Beauty

Modding Showcase: The Real Beauty

This thread has been created to show the beauty of our outfits! All posts here must contain screenshots only; other irrelevant posts will be deleted and members suspended for a period of time.
So make sure you don't post any comments in this thread. All questions and comments can be posted here:

So here's what you should know:

Anyone can post here of course. Whether you're a player or even a modding creator, doesn't matter.

* Hotlinking screenshots is allowed if, and only if, your screenshot is 800*600 in dimensions.

* You can post (hotlink) only two screenshots per reply. If you want to provide more screenshots per reply you must post them as thumbnails. When you upload a picture on, it gives you a thumbnail as well. So, you can use it.

* Only two posts per day are allowed.
Members posting more just to increase their post count will have their account suspended for a period of time with the removal of their replies.

* You must post the name of the outfit as well as its creator. It would be better if you provided a link to the HUB, so people will know where they can get the outfit from (in case they like it). The link must be the page of the HUB, and not the download link. For example:

White with Flowers by Tansy

and NOT

* You can only post screenshots of outfits available on, so the people will know where to get them from (in case they like them). If you have new outfits, post them in the sticky thread and they will get uploaded. [Tomb Raider Legend Modding - Part 3].

* You can showcase the beauty of 2 outfits per day, only

Let's do this!!
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