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Originally Posted by Gia_ View Post
Maybe. Maybe they changed it for Kurtis, because they promised that there would be a second playable character. They already introduced him and promoted him. So they were forced to put him in somewhere. They also put only one ability in the level from him. His farsee, when you need the codes for the door. After all, he's only playable in three levels..
This would explain why Lara is to be seen on a lot of early screenshots and render arts that show the sanatorium.

I noticed the German pass years ago but haven't wondered so much why it can be found in Prague but about the bad translation. (The correct term for "department of medicine" would be "medizinische Abteilung".)

Also I found the dossiers on the second car roof when I wanted to see what's behind the Landrover. Though I haven't found the big ones.
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