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Good news! Lara is finally dying!

Like in TR2-5 originals, Lara screams one time in free fall (I believe that continous screaming in TR1 was a bit silly), and immediately dies on ground. Also same thing happens on a "dry" swandive. Fortunately, now I'm in the process of converting state machine to operate directly with states (not animations), so adding new Lara conditions is fairly easy.

@vobject: Absolutely, I think we should have some kind of automated compilation and release system to allow people to use "nightly" builds. This way, more people could be involved in testing fresh features and we'll get more feedback. There should be a way to do this with SF, as sometimes I stumble onto nigthly builds of some projects that are loaded directly on SF servers.

I have tested your build, and it runs perfectly on my PC; I wonder why it doesn't on Dustie's. Could it be that some intel-exclusive features are set inside source itself? For example, in Bullet engine - maybe it defines intel optimization somewhere, which rules out AMD processors. Because it seems that Dustie was able to launch it just before Bullet physics were added to engine.

@Dustie: you might try to do that, but it's REAL frustration, because it took me ages to understand how to compile with MinGW! All this compiling business is so complicated, involving lots of command-line parameters, using different utilities like make and cmake... It was written by geeks and for geeks (sometimes I think that they wrote it this way to scare out normal people! ). I never was able to compile it with make/cmake, I only use internal "Build" button in CodeBlocks; you can try to install CodeBlocks, download SF repository snapshot, create a CodeBlocks project from it, set-up libraries and search directories, and then it should work. The problem is, I don't remember all of the steps myself! You can use tutorial from ModDB, but it's a bit outdated, because new sources and libraries were added since then.
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