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Default code update

When I want to run engine.exe, it freezes all the time..
maybe You need to add stream_buffer_size = 128; in audio section in config.lua
Umm..sorry for my ignorance, but how to open levels?
First way: open config.lua and find strings like this: cvars.game_level = "data/tr1/data/LEVEL1.PHD";
You can writes here path to the level You need; Level will be load on engine start.
Second way: type in console map "data/tr1/data/LEVEL1.PHD" or other.
Third way: type in console load e1m1 - it is a save name.

About AMD crashes: maybe reasons are in intel optimization and GCC optimizations (or bugs in AMD support in new GCC version). May be old GCC versions using will helps.

I change triggers script activation system and add new scripts: triggers_script.lua and doors_script.lua and rewrite system_scripts.lua. +Added auto-generation for triggers and doors scriprs from floordata in level loading.
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