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Ok guys, here is the test build for you to test out full health, air and sprint values functionality! It now works exactly like in old Tomb Raiders!

Also, for this build, I have polished out physics a bit to look more like authentic TRs. However, few optimizations were made to streamline it - for example, recovery from smash jump happens a lot faster ("hard landing" animation was replaced with "light landing" animation), also step back into wall doesn't aburptly ends in idle animation. Maybe something else, but honestly I don't remember!

Important: to test out medipacks, you should add these lines into config.lua:
bind(act.bigmedi, KEY_6);
bind(act.smallmedi, KEY_7);
After this, you'll be able to restore Lara's health. To resurrect her from death, prezz Z key.

I'm not releasing source code yet, as I have to integrate my revision with current TeslaRus revision!

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