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I hope that Paolone won't get scared if this thread gets a huge number of wishes for TRNG.

I have been hoping for "couple" additions:
  • General
  • Enlarging the wad texture limit if possible, would be really nice!
  • Increasing the memory(or enlarge the limit farther) of tom2pc to allow bigger wads and files to be output into tr4 file.
  • LOD system. (WIP by Paolone I think )
  • Distace based culling for objects - Removing objects at far distance specified by scripting to improve performance. (WIP by Paolone I think)
  • Customizeable wind strenght.
  • Customizeable water reflection color.
  • Echoing sounds & other sound effects postwork.
  • Static moveable lighting working same as moveable lighting on moveables.

    Objects and scripts
  • Custom colors for AddEffect=Script.
  • Joint meshes for enemies!! I think this might yield itself as a pretty much impossible job, but we can wish for it!
  • Distance fog to show horizon through it. Just like the Ios TR's horizon works. The horizon is smoothly peeking though the level geometry.
  • More physics based objects such as Rolling ball. Or more customizations for it allowing larger or smaller rolling balls.
  • Able to choose horizon as "static" so that it won't follow Laras position. Basically horizon could be a vast mass of land that could sit under the geometry and create illusion that continues after geometry ends. (basically a super large 3d object that is the horizon - not moving at all even Lara moves)

    Editor improvements
  • Better rendering capablitites to handle detailed rooms without lagging.
  • Possibility to place objects with more precision: Able to put object anywhere else than center of square and rotate them on every axis.
  • Able to lit every single static object in a room with a single button.
  • Able to split ceiling squares into triangles like we can do it on floors.
  • Able to lit every room with same settings and excluding rooms from these settings.

And many more. There are plenty of stuff I would wish like dx9 and later rendering capabilities but they're something that would require way way more work like rewriting the whole renderer. Of course these wishes that I listed here are not easy to do.
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