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Originally Posted by AODfan View Post
The shifting screen kind of just fixed itself so that isn't a problem anymore
As for the delayed sound effects this is actually a quite common occurrence in the PC version to my knowledge and I can live with that. At least it doesn't take 10 years to open the inventory like it does in glidos

F3 fixed the gun flash problem! Thanks

you need to open the configuration file, c:tombraider\dosbox.conf open it in NOTEPAD, shift down to:

# nosound: Enable silent mode, sound is still emulated though.
# rate: Mixer sample rate, setting any device's rate higher than this will probably lower their sound quality.
# Possible values: 22050, 44100, 48000, 32000, 16000, 11025, 8000, 49716.
# blocksize: Mixer block size, larger blocks might help sound stuttering but sound will also be more lagged.
# Possible values: 2048, 4096, 8192, 1024, 512, 256.
# prebuffer: How many milliseconds of data to keep on top of the blocksize.


CHANGE BLOCKSIZE TO 256! No more delay!
.....yet this is something I find the most difficult to type in??????
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