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Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces View Post
^ I've played RE6 a long time ago.... I finished it, but I kind of forced myself to play it, because of how bad it was. I do agree, Ada was the best campaign. Chris's and Sherry's campaigns were really mediocre (because chris's was a mere shooter and sherry's had that cringy Jack character which is really badly developed - his existence doesn't even make sense lol).

Leon's... well, leon's campaign was Ok too
I agree with this wholeheartedly haha

The best thing about Chris' campaign was the cute bottom he brought along.

I didn't like Jake either. Normally I like badass anti-heroes, but it felt forced with him, like they were trying to hard to make him the anti-hero and I was just apathetic about it.

Helena was generic as hell. Leon looked the best he's ever looked.
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