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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
I don't think she behaved like a b*tch to be honest. She just didn't have any time or desire to fool around. She's being chased nonstop.
While being rude is mostly an option, she still can find the time to be rude to the likes of Carvier, the homeless guy, Janice, the guy at the boxing ring (ďam I talking too fast for you?Ē), etc. while being chased. Whether itís almost boasting she couldíve killed Von Croy if she wanted to (really proving your innocence there...), talking down to Janice, or baiting the homeless with the implication of spare change...AoD Lara can look really petty. Itís a far cry from the composure she held in the original games.

Originally Posted by Joey79100
That's because they originally meant to put Jean-Yves there, which actually was Lara's friend and got away without searching for her. And, he's French, hence Paris. But after the legal issues with him, they thought Von Croy was the most fitting replacement (they couldn't rewrite TR4).
They could have altered Jean-Yves' looks, called him just Jean or just Yves or something, people would still have put the dots together, and there might not have been any legal issue, it would have made more sense than Von Croy.
I donít think Iíd ever heard this before, but it explains a lot. I still donít think Laraís bitter reaction is justified, she never needed or depended on people to save/come back for her before, but Jean is the better option. I donít know why they didnít try a work around like you suggested for it to still work instead of just picking Von Croy. Heís the last character Iíd care about being murdered.
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