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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
There are a lot of effects present in TR3 that you don't even see in current gen, PS4 games! Bearing that in mind, it's impressive that a 1998 PS1 game developed in a year features:

Water surface ripple rings when running, wading or lapping through water.
Air bubbles which rise to the water surface to create a ripple ring.
Shell casings that bounce off onto the ground.
Footprints left behind in sand and mud.
Echo filter for SFX in certain areas.
Different footstep sounds to match the surface tread.

Up to 3 harpoon spears that stick in walls shot at, at one time.
Underwater blood clouds.
Visible breath in cold areas.

...Those are the main ones. I think TR3 deserves a bit more recognition for it's raw technical proficiency.
MGS1 released earlier in 1998 had a lot of those effects. In particular, footprints were used as part of the gameplay.

Especially ones in bold.

Still, MGS1 itself was very ahead of it's time.

Neat talkthrough here -

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