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Thanks for your effort and your feedback!

I know about the eye light point thing, the problem here is that the game uses a flipped version of the same texture. The only thing I can do here is put the light point in the exact top middle so flipping it horizontally will still keep the point in the same place.

Thanks for supporting my muddy water vision haha. I think the water looks more realistic too when it's more muddy.

Giovanni had some other possible solutions up his sleeve to make the water look better, so perhaps there is a way to make it look better. I think your edit looks a bit too saturated though which almost makes the water look a bit like poison or radio active or something.

The great thing about the water textures is that, with the way I structured my texture files, it's very easy to quickly change the water textures within a level. So tweaking it to perfection won't take much time once we know what we want to go for exactly.

To be continued!
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