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About the water discussion!
I'm doing some experiments with the textures, and it may improve a lot at the end result...

About mantain the original look of the water, I believe that both I and TRJTA agree that the original look does not fit with the very detailed HD Textures, and would be a little out of place now. So I kindly ask to you be a little more open minded with that!

The engine does not support resources to make water beliavable, we are restrain ONLY with texture design to make it look right! And believe me, I spent DAYS trying to achieve that... anyone who played the Madubo Gorge level with the HD textures will notice that effort, because that level is most in water.

For those who want to see the water in motion, this is the gameplay:

here are some pictures of Madubu Gorge level's water:
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