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Originally Posted by b122251 View Post

So I finished my conversion of Unfinished Business. This means all four levels, and modified binaries in the following formats: UK (PAL), German (PAL), French (PAL), US (NTSC-US) and Japanese (NTSC-J). When making this version my goal was to make it look, sound and play as much as TR1 on the PS1 as possible. To come as close as I could to this goal, most of the textures and all the audio samples were ripped from the PS1 version of TR1, so they would look and sound identical to how they did in TR1. Also I added the controller item into the inventory (because it just doesn't feel the same without it). I managed to keep all the levels and all items and enemies intact (like when I did Golden Mask). Also, I used the same save crystal placement as the Gh0stblade version, and I added most of Sardoc's music triggers, but with some changes where I saw fit.
However, I'm not releasing it as a download just yet, because I've got something rather special planned for this game.

Wow I'm impressed. Looking foward of your special plan suprise.
Rest in Peace - rr_carroll
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