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Ok, forget my previous complaint about the outcome texture sizes, after keep practicing, I see that I actually have control of the textures sizes modifying the UV mapping so I can generate smaller textures.

Therefore 256 and 128 are actually quite enough for the purpose. After that, I just can praise for what wonderful finding and the good work in the plugins that makes it possible, thank you very much, (despite being some years late @_@) but definitely I think this could be my new standard method whenever I need to make any TRLE object.

Also, the problem with the wad that gets corrupted, unabling to open it back in wad merger, I could asociate it with the use of "Lara Skin" object. Ill expand a bit more.

The problem could be repeated in the next way.

- In wad merger, create a new wad, and put in the the "Lara Skin" object from the original Catacomb.wad, save it (newmesh.wad?)

- Open the the generated newmesh.wad in "TextureAdd", and import any.rec generated from Blender with the plugin (never mind is 256 or 128). Save the wad.

At this moment, if you try to open newmesh.wad again in Wad merger, it pops an error unabling to load the Lara Skin object. (so it get it but with missing meshes and with no textures).

The way that I found to solve it, was not use Lara Skin object for the wad that will go to "TextureAdd". (Instead, Im using the first animating object also from Catacomb) and it works all the process correctly (after TextureAdd, strpix and such, I can keep opening in wad merger).

My theory, is that the problem was because Lara Skin, is an object compound of multiples meshes (and maybe multiples textures pages), so maybe, when TextureAdd removes the "textures recs" importing the one from Blender, that may leave some meshes with their textures pointers in... who knows where? what may lead to the later problem in Wad merger. But using an animating, because it's only 1 single mesh with some few textures, it looks like that it works without problem.

Maybe that's why some people worked (statics, switches, etc...) and others had problems (outfits, enemies).

But that's just a theory... XD

P.D. I also tested that of triangulate the faces after create the UV map and apply the baking, the rec works and the model can be imported in strpix with the textures on its place, BUT, with many of them rotated wrongly, so in such case, the only what you need is rotate the textures till the looks well, if the mesh if simple, it could help to reduce the triangle textures. But if the mesh is complex, well keep in mind that you would have to rotate the textures by your own, so depends of you if you want triangulate the mesh before or after the UV lightmap pack generation. (before, more triangle textures, after, less triangle texture, but you required to rotate them in strpix).
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