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1) TR5: Lara complaining - “Hmmph. Economy class!”

2) Anniversary: Lara falling through the endless abyss and witnessing Tihocan and Qualopec with the help of The Scion.

3) AoD: Lara jumping to the moving lighting rig.

4) TR3: Sophia Leigh laughing.

5) Legend: Lara aiming with her pistols to the Serpent and the Serpent admitting defeat.

6) TR2: Lara sliding into the narrow Venice alley.

7) TR4: The Egyptian phoenix coming from the heavens above.

8) Anniversary: Lara reading Winston’s letter and the Croft Manor theme playing in the background.

9) TR2013: Lara teasing - “That’s right! Run you bastards! I’m coming for y’all!”

10) TR1: The T-Rex moment.
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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