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Beautiful video, _Seth! Made my morning when I checked TRF and found it
I need to organize my thoughts before posting a list How on earth can you narrow it down to just 10?

-So much of TR2 in just going to list the images that make me think of it and enjoy that moment I my head while typing. The colors and sounds of Bartoli's Hideout, the atmosphere of the Opera House, the first moments when Lara wakes up on the Rig, the calmness of the Tibetian Foothills and the grandness of the entire rest of the game.

-The way Seth's plain hidden tomb gradually became the golden Burial Chambers in TR4. Perfect.

-The parkour climbing battle between Sophia and Lara before zapping the giggling blonde loon (Conspiracy alert: were her and Tony related??)

-"WHERE *bang* IS *bang *MY *bang* MOTHER!?"

-The first few levels in AoD. Why did people say escaping from the alleyway until Lara crashed in a subway car lacks real urgency? I loved that part! So dark and rainy and mysterious..

-The Desert Railroad in TR4. The whole level is fresh and fun

-The battle with stone monkeys scene in the first Angie movie. Could watch that 100s of times in a row!

-Do title screens count? I love listening to the main game music while fiddling with the settings. Especially the classics!

-Another thing that might not count as a moment.. but flipping through TR books like 20 Years and all the strategy guides brings back great memories.

-Back to game moments.. the cutscenes that introduce the enemies in Anniversary like the cat mummies or the Centaurs squishing Pierre were really entertaining.

-The Ireland section in TRC had a lot of memorable aspects, like the church with the floating skeletons, Lara making making a slingshot, the creep with the petrified heart and the Bestiary. All those moments add up to a kickass adventure!

-Every new tomb discovery in the reboot games. I've been sort of hard on them over the years (mostly because of Lara's character) but that is some really beautiful level design! The reboots really nail the whole 'temple once grand but now in disarray' aesthetic
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