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#1: The Lost Valley: I know it's a classic at this point but I thought it would be wrong if I began this list without the most memorable TR moment of all which is the T. Rex scene.
#2: The Great Pyramid: the torso boss... treacherous jumps and leaps of faith... all the lava coming in... and finally putting an end to Natla before it all just collapses.
#3: Venice: I will never forget the first time I reached Venice, when I heard those footsteps up at the balcony I knew I was going to be in for the fight of our lives.
#4: Temple of Xi'an , The Dragon's Lair: Tomb Raider 2 has too many standout or top memorable moments for me but I simply adore all the way from Temple of Xi'an till the Dragon's Lair. Everything gets more ****ed up as you progress... statues come alive and hunt you down relentlessly and so do the insane cultists and their thirsty blades. Up until the end where we face the cause of our misery, Marco Bartoli himself whom tried to rule the world and China as the new Dragon Emperor. Fortunately his rule was short lived , I love this.
#5. Home Sweet Home: Ahhh being back home thinking that you've finally returned home with the artifact but then it turns out you've been invaded by the italian mafia and you must make your home a graveyard. I love this level.
#6. Locking the Butler in the Freezer: In Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider 3 I loved luring Winston to the freezer and locking him there just after putting the music on. We all did.
#7. The Great Pyramid of Giza: I enjoyed seeing this in the OP, It was Lara's last struggle, Lara's race to save the dying world and climb the great pyramid as mentioned by the OP is one of the greatest Tomb Raider moments ever, nothing since has ever come close. My personal favorite.
#8. The Temple of Horus: I think it's funny it's not mentioned here much but for me the final battle between Lara and Set in the Temple of Horus is pure epic! It does feel like a life or death situation. A battle of curses. It is much more enjoyable specially if your version of the game is the one that has the nice soundtrack in the background while the fight takes place.
#9. Croft Manor Burns: I think Tomb Raider Underworld's burning Croft Manor really gave a lot of impact to me as a player and a TR fan back then. Still today I feel nostalgic when I replay this and adore the dark concept behind it.
#10. Out of Time: It is the final showdown between Lara and Natla, everything that came before had led to this very moment. As the world burns in the final battle of Ragnarok and Natla proclaims herself the queen of a new era, Lara Croft jumps, evades and destroys everything Natla ever dreamed to unleash upon this world. Crushing Natla for good and ending the whole mess with Lara's past once and for all. Laying all ghosts to rest she walked away from us once again with hope for a brighter future.

Honorable Mentions:
Tomb Raider Chronicles opening scene
Tomb Raider the angel of darkness's ending
Bring Back the Dual Pistols

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