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Originally Posted by [Xmas] View Post
Is it? It might be bigger, but that doesn't necessarily make it more fun... the reason why the classic manor is less spacious and has less to offer can be ascribed to engine limitations (mostly). They could make it bigger and expand some of the areas, as well as add new stuff if they wanted; Nicobass has created an interesting blend of both the TR2 and TR3 manors and it looks incredible. Not to mention, there's plenty of doors that always remained closed (well, they were just textures but you get the point ).

Imo, the classic manor had more character and better gameplay. The reboot manor is kind of meh to me, and many of the rooms feel like the same thing just slightly reorganized.
In the classics the manor was cool but you donít get anything for exploring it. The only fun part is the quadbike and getting on the roof, which is not even intended to do so.

In TRL/TRA is actually a level with actual rewards. I prefer it.
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