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Still got a long way to go on my second grounded playthrough.

I made it past the first group of Seraphites easily enough I just ran past them and ran like hell to the nearby apartment building it was the next group of Seraphites that were much more difficult to get past, they were all too close to each other and almost always spotted me killing one of them.

It took me nearly a hour to reach a checkpoint in the same area due to their repeatedly killing me either individually or ganging up on me.

I eventually took them all out as there were supplies in the area that I didn't want to leave behind.

Getting through that area wasn't that hard the first time, the second time it was infuriating it's like the game decided to be a and said it, grounded difficulty isn't hard enough for what is obviously a TLOU veteran let's throw in a difficulty spike to him off, some areas are harder than others but that particular section was ridiculous.

It's not like I went Rambo on the Seraphites I took out as many as possible through stealth attacks there was almost always one or two that would sneak up on me and score a lucky shot.

I ran past the next group of Seraphites without bothering to fight them and killed all the Seraphites that followed me to the area outside the abandoned cosmetics store.

Up next the big guy with the hammer in the abandoned cosmetics store, luckily I have a smoke trap bomb to quickly take him out, he was hard enough to kill on my first grounded playthrough due to the group of Seraphites outside the abandoned cosmetics store, trying to kill that guy while keeping an eye on their precise locations was challenging.
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