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Originally Posted by Tsarina View Post
Iím currently on Seattle Day 2 with Ellie on grounded and had to stop for a bit. Iím at the part where itís Ellie alone and sheís looking for Tommy. The part with all the WLF around and theyíre with their dogs and several houses around. Hard as ****. Iím stuck downstairs in one of the buildings and have no clue what to do and how to get past them. Ugh.
You've made it to Hillcrest that area gave me a lot of trouble the first time I died several times there, the second time through not so much trouble I only died twice, try stealth attacks as much as possible and when you are behind a bad guy creep forward very slowly and don't push so hard on the left stick doing so makes Ellie move too fast and only tips them off that you are there then press Triangle to grab them for a stealth kill and try and do it when they are not near each other, the less they are aware of your presence the better.

I forget if this is ahead of you or behind you at some point during Hillcrest you'll see a door blocked by a 4 wheeled bin behind a building do not open that door it's not worth it there are 4 or 5 infected in there and only 1 item worth picking up, I scanned the area behind the door to see if it was worth going in there and it isn't, it's not worth wasting what few resources you have when the reward is so small.

I'm at the hospital now those don't know where I am this time I'm going to take them all out then take any supplies lying around, the last time I killed a few then ran for the door to the next part of the hospital leaving the supplies behind.

I assume that you have been hoarding as much stuff in your inventory as possible I've got 1 petrol bomb, 3 smoke bombs, 2 smoke trap bombs, some explosive arrows, varying amounts of bullets for my guns and various stuff for crafting, save the explosive arrows, petrol bombs and smoke bombs and smoke trap bombs for the pain in the neck Bloater in Seattle, that'll be the toughest challenge you will face on grounded until you get to The Rat King which I imagine will be significantly harder to kill than a Bloater.

Have you found lots of crafting materials and other supplies while playing on grounded, on my first grounded playthrough I rarely found anything of value and bad guys rarely dropped anything worth using, after restarting from the beginning because of the aforementioned Bloater I find that the game is more generous in giving me supplies this time compared to my last playthrough.
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