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Well Dark Horses solicitations have the second Omnibus for November (will get link in here when I can).

I think this part isn't news, but the discretion might be

The second and final omnibus volume in this series, this collection is jam-packed with over 480 pages of material. This omnibus collects issues #1–#12 of Dark Horse’s 2016 Tomb Raider Volume 2 series, as well as the most recent Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade and Tomb Raider: Inferno complete story arcs.
Guess this really is the end for the comics for now. Considering CD/EM might be still figuring out how to move forward with the franchise and these comics are canon to the reboot continuity, it is expected, even if still sad. Hopefully we can get more in the future.

And hopefully the games can take a cue or two from the narrative tone of these comics as well.
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