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I guess we could do that, I was just worried about some builders taking all the requests, because I know the builders strengths and I ask them what they are capable of, so they get requests depending on what they can handle.

But I am not going to shove requests down everyones throats saying "YOU BUILD THIS!"

Each builder who does not have those much on their plate will get a few requests and they can decide what they want... because discussion will probably happen over PM and then we can make sure everyone is comfortable with what they have or if they want to switch... and I guess builders will also be able to choose their own requests.

Another thing I was worried about is the wait, I don't want the people who have requests to have to wait too long, so I am worried that if builders make all the decisions on what they build, some people may not get their requests or have to wait a long time.

We'll see about it, at the end, the builders decide what they want to build or not, and I guess they request
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