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Originally Posted by Wana b like Lara View Post
Hey folks!

Haven't posted here in years!

I'm looking to get some Tomb Raider comics, but digitally. Is there one place where I can find them all? I don't even know how many of the new ones there are.

Also I would love to get my hands on some digital versions of the old comics! Anyone know where I could find those?

Gah I wish I could get paper copies, but I'm moving around a lot atm so it doesn't seem viable.

Thanks all!
For the reboot comics you can find them on Comixology or on Dark Horse's website. You have both single issues or collected volumes to choose from.

For the old comics there isn't a legal way to acquire them digitally, I'm afraid. Even the recent Tomb Raider Archives books are quite rare and expensive now.
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