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Default Tomb Raider 2 Screen Flickering on Hardware Rendering

Hi, I'm having an issue with Tomb Raider II on my offline Windows XP 32-bit computer, where my screen flickers the moment I launch the game. It alternates between a black screen and normal display a few times every second, lagging the game and making it unplayable. It only stops when there are FMVs playing.

I've tried looking through this forum and GOG forum to see if there were others with this problem, and sure enough it seems like a prevalent issue on Windows XP computers with nVidia graphics cards, which I have. I've found no solution except one where someone had to roll back to an older graphics driver; the link to the older driver was dead, and I doubt it's for my specific GPU and I'm not looking to break my compatibility with other games on the computer.

The same exact files of my Tomb Raider II work perfectly fine on my Windows 10 64-bit machine that I am dual-booting with. I've applied the Tomb Raider II multipatch and the problem persists. The problem occurs only when I am using Hardware Rendering, regardless of if I have settings on or off (Z-buffering, dithering, bilinear and trilinear, etc.). It seems to go away the moment I use Software Rendering with 256 color mode, but that looks absolutely awful.

I have the same issue with Golden Mask. I have zero issues with Tomb Raider 3 and The Lost Artifact, interestingly enough -- these games run very well on either Software or Hardware Rendering, and it puzzles me why TR3 and TLA have no problems considering they look related to TR2 engine-wise. I was wondering if anyone on this forum had information or answer to my issue at this late point in time.

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