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Talking Alright lets Rank the Reboot Trilogy!!

It was lets discuss it, how do these games hold up for you when compared to each other in certain categories? Please avoid Classic vs Reboot comparisons, I just want rankings for the 3 reboot games on a scale of 1 to 10 for certain parameters and then your overall enjoyment! Let's go! Here are my rankings:

Art Direction: 6
Everything is very brown, nice, but very brown and rusted. Gets tiresome after a while.
Exploration: 6
Lots of linear hallways but there is a nice balance of exploration and environments. I think this game had the best amount of collectibles of the whole series.
Combat: 6
Combat is fun. Nice balance of fighting and exploration IMO. The combat always adds to the story instead of feeling tacked on.
Story: 7
Despite being pretty full of mediocre characters and cliche's, overall this game is still fun and has a compelling action packed story. Its the only one Ive played 5+ times and I still enjoy it when I do play. Most importantly it makes sense and is easy to follow, has a nice arc, and a satisfying conclusion.
Lara as a Character: 6
Sure she cries, but its her first adventure!

Overall: 31

Art Direction: 8
Despite a lot of washed out greys and whites I think Kitezh and the Byzantine warriors were beautifully done. This game has the best visuals of the entire series so Its hard not to be in awe while playing. Alot of the vista's are breathtaking and the outfit design was great IMO. Nice mix of organic and man made environments.
Very fun to explore the hubs but a bit overfull on collectibles and challenges. Exploration gets repetitive with the simple caverns and copy paste crypts.
Combat: 6
Combat improved from the first game though sometimes it feels tedious so it wasnt any more enjoyable.
Story: 6
A bit melodramatic and overly full, but still a decent story with decent side characters. Trinity adds a bit too much cheese to the mix.
Lara as a Character: 7
Despite all the JOOONNAAAAHHH I like this Lara. She is curious and determined and is finding her footing as a killer and adventurer. She also has some clever moments where you can see her future self shining through.

Overall: 34

Art Direction: 7
This game is conflicting because some of the environments are stunning however some of the other design elements, like the outfits, are atrocious. Because of this I think it sets in the middle between Rise and TR2013.
Exploration: 8
Obviously the best of the series due to the sheer volume of elaborate tombs. However the amount of collectibles is daunting and really unnecessary other than as a chore for completionists due to a lot of the found lore being 1 sentence long.
Combat: 3
Tedious, uninspired, and boring. I would rush through these parts because I just didn't care and they weren't fun. Other than the Yaaxil the enemies were uninspired, however the Yaaxil appear so little I couldn't give this category a boost at all.
Story: 4
What a hot mess my lord how did this get approved? Did EM even play the last game? I didnt think the side characters could get less interesting than TR2013 but they outdid themselves on this. The badguy has like 14 minutes of screen time please help me understand how you expect me to care?
Lara as a Character: 5
Even more crying? Really? A few really badass scenes cant save this Lara from seeming overall bored on her own adventure. I think she seems less confident overall due to her dependence on Jonah and constant self doubt. Sure she kills better than ever, but that isnt really what I wanted out of the "tomb raider she's meant to become" promise.

Overall: 27

Final Thoughts:

So they are all pretty close by my rankings however the most important ranking of all is FUN. And imo TR2013 is the most fun of the series. I have played it 5+ times whereas I've played Rise 2 times and Shadow I have no plans of replaying at this time until the DLC is released. Hopefully I will enjoy it more then so.

Overall Winner: Rise
Miss Congeniality Award: TR2013 for most fun hehe

I'm surprised Rise scored highest, but when looking at these next to each other I really do think its superior even though I have only played it twice.

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