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TR 2013 for me was good for it's age, but get's repetitive too fast. The story was passable, this is the only one that I feel they took like 500% more careful doing. The sequels feels rather rushed compared to this one.
The multiplayer even though horrendous, it was fun but there was no need to it. BUT it was good for replay value.

Rise in gameplay overall is better than 2013, but the story is good if you are a super fan of TR. If not, then you'll find it bland as hell.
The replay value is 10 times better than 2013 and sadly (oddly enough) it put a standard to me to think that shadow would have more content, and that was not the case ( I hope time proves me wrong though).

Playing a first playthrough of shadow in the hardest difficulty is the way to go. It is the only one that really feels like a classic tomb raider overall, but when you end the campaign there's absolutely nothing to do. That's what bothers me the most. The story is better than rise but doesn't have the same feel that 2013 give to me. I dare to say that the ideas are as good as 2013, but the execution is "rise style".

I can't really put a ranking , cause I liked all of them, but rise have the meh campaign to me. BUT rise have the awesome dlc's as well, and endurance, which was my jam when the anniversary edition came out.
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