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I'm not going to have many friends here.

Art Direction: 9
Superb atmosphere, great level design, plenty of places gave me vertigo, loved the verticality and the different part of the island. Great cinematography.
Exploration: 7
Not too much exploring going on, fairly linear, but I liked how new parts of the island became accessible one by one and how new tools offered new possibilities
Combat: 7
Pretty natural. Actually the less polished combat experience of the three, but still new and fresh
Story: 9
Basic, but very well executed, clear progression both in term of Lara growing up and us discovering the reality of the Yamatai. Very good "moments" like the ascension of the radio tower.
Lara as a Character: 8
Again, pretty basic, but I liked it.

Overall: 40

Art Direction: 6.5
Bleh, whites, greys and browns everywhere. The saving point was the geothermal valley and a few interiors but there was nothing as grandiose as the vistas of TR13
Exploration: 7.5
Better than TR13, but since I found the environment drab, it wasn't as pleasant.
Combat: 7
Technically better than TR13, but time flies.
Story: 7
The Trinity storyline was boring, the prophet one was a bit better, serviceable but nothing to write home about.
Lara as a Character: 6
Did Lara change at all? Not very much personality shown here, just going through the motions

Overall: 34

Art Direction: 9
Light effects were great, Mexico was fantastic, the skull cliffs in Cozumel, the temple there, all outstanding. The jungle was extremely atmospheric and well done. Loved the part where you cross the rapids to save Unuratu. Cenote was super creepy and the part leading to Cenote was outstandingly beautiful. San Juan and the surrounding areas provided a nice change too.
Exploration: 8
Good tombs, good crypts, a few hidden areas. helped by a very good level design
Combat: 5.5
Bleh, technically better than Rise, but combat "arenas" hurt the game a lot. Not enough opportunities to use the new skills and stealth usually solves everything.
Story: 6
Bleh, incoherent plot with an ending that seems to be missing a few parts, like a Rourke/Dominguez confrontation and a better scene than "hey, Crimson Fire, you appear on my dead friends tattoos". At least the side quests are decent.
Lara as a Character: 7
More personality but her growth as a character isn't helped by the incoherent storyline. You guess where Eidos wants to go, but they didn't manage to show it with the story.

Overall: 35.5

Winner: TR13
Good enough: SOTTR
Middle Child: ROTTR, Baba Yaga was really cool though.

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