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Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
To explain: Vertex Buffers were originally an official extension. Functions related to extensions have a suffix; for official extensions that is "ARB".
Thanks, that explains a lot!

Keep in mind: I have no idea whether these optimizations will actually help that much on Windows systems. It may depend heavily on the driver.
Well, I suppose, when it's possible to optimize, it's better to do it anyway; who knows where it will be bottlenecked in future.

Edit to add: I compiled a version that runs on 32 and 64 bit systems, theoretically from 10.6. on (though I've only tested on 10.8).
Most of our antique Macs are still on 10.5.8 , however, there are few with 10.8, I'll get to some of them later today and try it.

I've fixed the SDL version, it's in the source now.
Great, so it means that with your latest fixes code is completely transparent and can be compiled on Windows without any additional operations. Very clean. I can't wait when I get home and try it!
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