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My goodness! How is that possible at all?! I posted a tweet with your video!

Anyway, seems that Dreamcast format isn't so different from PC format (when comparing to PSX, of course...). That strange ammo means they wanted to make a crossbow for TR5 as well... Cause this ammo doesn't seem like TR4 crossbow ammo.

And that strange "spiky trap" which falls from the ceiling... Not sure I've ever seen it anywhere in TRC.

Also, seems like some polygons are broken in second level... It's a miracle that it loads anyway! Great job!

Some updates from me... I totally broke my head when trying to make pushable sounds work correctly in TR4. While in TR1-3 Core simply used pre-defined frame numbers for pushable animations to play a sound, in TR4-5 they used absolutely different scheme. As pushable moves with Lara's bounding box in these games, they had to invent some clever way to play pushable sound all the way it moves; so they just made a pushable sound LOOPED and played it all time while pushable is moving with Lara; then they added extra "pushblock end" one shot sound, which plays once, when Lara is no longer pushing a block. This setup seems easy, but it is not! So for now, it only plays looped pushable sound, which stops aburptly, because I just can't make it work with pushblock end sound correctly - there is a difference in TeslaRus' way of moving pushables and Core's way, even if they use the same "moving bounding box" method.

Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
Is the source available for the Model viewer that used to be distributed with OpenTomb? Perhaps there are more different items hidden, or I could just change what items are in the inventory I guess
As far as I remember, OpenTomb and Model Viewer shared the same source code, and switched by the SKELETAL_TEST define in main_SDL.cpp file - but it wasn't updated for a while and seems broken for now, unfortunately... You can indeed add other items to inventory by using addItem console command, just look into scripts/inventory/items.lua to know which items you can use!

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